Our Results

We win 99% of claims for people who have been mis-sold PPI. Some of our successful Clients are awarded thousands of pounds of compensation, with some being awarded over £20,000.

Just a few examples of some real people we have helped receive compensation in the form of refunds with interest include:

Mr & Mrs Smith from Telford were awarded £13,052.56

Mr Carle from London was awarded £17,634.30

Mr Forrest from Northumberland was awarded £6,188.71

Mr Groom from Stockport in Cheshire was awarded £2,785.99

Mr & Mrs English from Gretna were awarded £4,352.38

Mr & Mrs Spackman from London were awarded £5,320.73

Mr & Mrs Lipton from West Sussex were awarded £14,568.37

Mr Daley from Cardiff was awarded £4,640.90

Mr & Mrs Bartram from East Molesey were awarded £21,250.05

Mrs Marshall from Welwyn Garden City were awarded £4,338.11

Mr & Mrs Morris from Washington were awarded £3,794.93

Mr Harrison from Derby was awarded £11,861.66

Miss Short from Hailsham in Sussex was awarded £3,826.35

Mr Forrest from Whitley Bay was awarded £6,188.71

Miss Hulme from Cheshire was awarded £3,083.38

Mr Turner from Dorset was awarded £1,606.63

Mr & Mrs Bell from County Durham were awarded £15,650.85

Mrs Marshall from Welwyn Garden City was awarded £4,338.11

Mr Rapley from Berkshire was awarded £3,897.78

Mr Combe from Edinburgh was awarded £20,608.78

Mr & Mrs Minto from Stockton-on-Tees were awarded £8,374.18

Mr Horsman from West Yorkshire was awarded £5,108.57

Mr & Mrs Plaice from Devon were awarded £8,825.96

Mr & Mrs Whalley from Plymouth were awarded £7,233.74

Mr & Mrs Neary from Oldham were awarded £7,335.91

Mr & Mrs Long from Torfaen were awarded £6,135.98

Mr Welch from Essex was awarded £4,711.69

Mr Paterson from Chester was awarded £4,460.74

Mr Smith from Northamptonshire was awarded £5,352.68

Mr & Mrs Oxley from Pontefract were awarded £6,817.69

Mr & Mrs Marshall from Preston were awarded £6,999.89

Mr Redfern from Lancashire was awarded £7,291.55

Mr & Mrs Janney from Doncaster were awarded £10,979.58

Mr & Mrs Bartlett from Somerset were awarded £6,598.87

Mr & Mrs Howarth from Cumbria were awarded £6,164.93

Mr Murphy from Hertfordshire was awarded £7,727.31

Mr Goddard from Greater London was awarded £5,960.06

Mr Howells from Gwynedd was awarded £8,419.50

Miss Densham from Devon was awarded £10,833.86

Mr & Mrs Woodruff from Rochdale were awarded £7,146.60

Ms Harris from Doncaster was awarded £5,006.82

Mr & Mrs Pheling from Liverpool were awarded £3,959.52

Mr Graham from London was awarded £11,149.03

Mr & Mrs Hine from Cumbrian were awarded £10,944.47

Mr & Mrs Fisher from Cheshire were awarded £4,055.02

Miss Scaramella from Dorset was awarded £5,917.83

Mr & Mrs Armantrading from Bedford were awarded £10,204.83

Mr & Mrs Gardener from Yorkshire were awarded £5,472.84

Mr Kinninmonth from Tyne & Wear was awarded £15,840.45

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Lloyds PPI News

Fakes, fraud and forgery in Lloyds PPI selling scandal.

Lloyds PPI claims pot raised to £11 Billion as pay outs soar.

During the last three years over £16 Billion has been paid out in PPI compensation.

£22 Billion is set aside by Banks to compensate for PPI.

Lloyds to announce new £600 Million PPI bill.

The FCA is forcing lenders re-open over 2.5 Million PPI cases.

Lloyds axe 9,000 jobs in bid to pay £11.3 Billion PPI bill.

Four Million more customers may be entitled to PPI pay outs.

Lloyds’ spiralling PPI costs breaks through £10 Billion barrier.

FCA confirm mis-selling PPI bill totals over £352 Million in September 2014 alone.

Lloyds caught in new PPI storm.

Lloyds in trouble over PPI again.

Lloyds accused of short-changing PPI claimants.

Lloyds caught up in another scandal.

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